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Just as promised, here is the 411 on Himegyaru (姫ギャル), a part of the Gyaru subculture that originated in Japan.

Hime basically means “princess” in Japanese and their biggest difference between Himegyarus and other Gyarus is their
princessy manner, which is manifested through their clothes, hair, jewelry, accessories etc.

 ( Hikari Shina from POP TEEN JAPAN)
Like most Gyarus, Himegyarus have super big, curly hair that range from light blonde to light brown. To get that beehive look, tease your hair with a rat tail comb, mist it with hair spray and pin it up with bobby bins. Use an one inch barrel curling iron on the bottom for the curls.
As for the makeup, you will need:
* Flawless porcelain skin. You will hardly see a tan Himegyaru so ditch the self-tanner, stay away from the sun and use sunscreen every day.
* Dramatic eyeliner. The eyes are always lined heavily in black on both top and bottom. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack is perfect for this.
* Brown eyeshadow on the eyelid and under the eye to add in depth.
* Long, thick eyelashes. Use fake lashes if necessary.
* Baby pink/peach blush applied on the apples. How can you be a princess without those doll-looking cheeks?

* Pink glossy lips.


Clothes and Accessories
Lots and lots of pink, ribbons, pearls, laces, flowers, bling bling and heels are pretty much the basics. Nails must also be perfectly done.

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