ULZZANG Make Up Tutorial

For me... i just using a simple Make Up..
and learn the technique from YT..^^
FYI : That girl is not me...^^
Happy Make Up...^^

You'll need the following (colors were not specified)

> MAC e/s, liquid foundation, and pressed powder
> Anna Sui liquid e/l
> L'Oreal mascara
> Lip gloss
> Falsies
> Eyelid glue


1. Circle lens + eyelid glue

2. Apply liquid foundation

3. Glue on falsies and apply mascara

4. Line the lower lashline with liquid e/l

5. Apply e/s

a) Brighten up the entire eyelid (between the brow and the eyelashes) using the white shadow.

b) Apply the black shadow as seen in the pic

c) Put on some gloss

JJAJJANG~~!!!!! You're a Ulzzang Now...!!